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 Life Hacks

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Dr Ubik

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PostSubject: Life Hacks   31st August 2015, 12:49 am

Welcome to Regiment of Khaos.
Here are some tips to make life in game run efficiently.


Our voice communication software - Being a cross platform game we are working on finding a solution for console players.
PC users, please download. Creates effortless in game communication. Typing in dungeons sucks! Say no more.

Friend List

Used Mog Mail in game? Well unless you're on my friend list I can't send you free gear, gil or sexy messages. This applies to everyone and vice versa. I cannot stress the importance of having everyone on everyone's friend list. See someone from R.o.K online, add them.


Register!!!!! Life throws curve balls and this is the easiest way to say HI, let us know you'll be away or tell us if something has come up. If, for some reason you forget to renew or can't continue your subscription for a while then the forums are the last point of contact.
Also, try and make checking the forums a habit, maybe before you head online or every few days at a set time. Busy forums are good forums.


Save it! Get company members to make gear for you. Just ask, we are happy to help.

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Life Hacks
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