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 Introduction to Gathering

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PostSubject: Introduction to Gathering    31st August 2015, 12:06 am


Gathering classes, also know as Disciples of the Land, harvest natural resources around Eorzea. These natural resources can be used by Disciples of the Hand classes to craft new and useful items. Gathering classes consist of Botanist, Fisher and Miner.

Players can unlock these gathering classes by talking to the Guild Receptionist in perspective Guilds. Players must reach lvl 10 or higher in a Disciple of War or Disciple of Magic class to do this.

Gathering classes are ill-suited for combat. They learn to hide from enemies at higher levels, though doing so reduces movement speed. They cannot participate in Duties, nor are there resources to be found in any of them. They also have their own selection of levequests focused entirely on gathering specific materials.

They gain experience primarily by gathering. Botanist and Miner gain an increasing bonus to experience the more successful gathering attempts they perform at the same spot, and all three classes gain a significant bonus whenever they obtain a high-quality (HQ) item, and a smaller bonus when they obtain any item for the first time.

To switch to a gathering class, simply equip the tool of that class from your armory chest.


Gathering Classes


The Botanist is a class that harvests resources from plant lives of Eorzea. They gather raw materials for various crafting classes such as carpenter, weaver, culinarian and alchemist.


The Fisher is a class that harvests fish and other sea creatures from the waters of Eorzea. The raw materials they gather are used by the Culinarian crafting class. When you fish, Fishing Tackles are expended. Different fishing tackles are used to catch different fish in various environments.


The Miner is a class that extracts minerals from grounds of Eorzea. The raw ores and gemstones they acquire are utilized by the Blacksmith and Goldsmith crafting classes.

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Introduction to Gathering
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