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 Requesting and sending gear - Please read first!

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Dr Ubik

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PostSubject: Requesting and sending gear - Please read first!   30th August 2015, 2:46 am

Requesting gear:

Please post a new topic with the following information;

- Current level : 12, 27, 36, 52 etc
- Current class : Rogue, White Mage, Warrior etc
- What gear you require : main hand, off hand, full body, all jewelry etc - please be specific.


Helping with a request:

A member who has read your request can help if they;

- Have the requested gear spare for donation or;
- Have the required craft class to make the gear

If you can help, please reply to the request topic with 'OTW' or 'On the way' and log into the game and send the gear via Mog Mail asap.

If you can only send some of the items please list them under 'OTW' so someone else can finish the request.

Note: If you have donation gear please make sure it is NOT bound to you before accepting request.

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Requesting and sending gear - Please read first!
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