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 Greetings Earth Mortals!

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PostSubject: Greetings Earth Mortals!   1st September 2015, 11:19 am

I am Sri Sri Mahavishnu Devadip Nisse, better known as Devadip Ni in FFXIV:ARR and Regiment Of Khaos. I was born in 1978, live in Stockholm, Sweden and work at a daycare centre. My older and more actual profession is as an Art Director, I've done graphics with computers since the mid 80's on my commodore 64, then started for real when i found Deluxe Paint II for the PC which was my new favourite (rather than Amiga) around 92, then professionally as I went to High School. I've had a long break from that by now so my portfolio is awful and unfinished, lacking loads of material, but for those who are interested in retro looking (old) computer graphics; they may enjoy parts of it anyway on

I started playing FF14 this summer with Monk as my main DPS.

Otherwise I paint, play with my guitars, generally slack off... I'm a single guy and live alone. Hopefully not forever.. But if anyone wanna tour Sweden they're welcome at my house. er, one-room flat. Smile There's always a couch for friends available.

I've got ADHD, social phobia and OCD which can mean alot of different things, in my case it's mostly stressful to keep my attention up for longer than 20 minutes. I sometimes gets stressed. That's who I am, for better or worse.

Don't forget to bring me gifts on my birthday - November 6 Very Happy

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Greetings Earth Mortals!
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